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What I Learned | The Aerie Collective

"The Aerie Collective is a sisterhood of whole-hearted women who host wellness gatherings to create sparks in your life. Elle Bourgeois, Laura Sniderman and Claire Bourgeois are the kind of women I like to call 'soul magnets' for the instant attraction to their spirits (case in point - their dreamy Instagram)."


Well + Good

Why Women's Retreats Are The New 'IT' Getaways

"Just as every body is right for yoga, there is no singular 'type' of woman who should go on a women's empowerment retreat. Whether it's a week long gathering  for hundreds...or a smaller, more intimate weekend sessions...these events create powerful sisterhoods (and really, how could you turn down Goddess Camp?)"



Well / Aware

The Aerie Collective Part I & Part II

"...plucked me from the throngs and buzz of NYC and brought me to a still moment where I could breathe and for these three hours, I was removed from the world. I was safe, there were no Sunday blues. I was here, now, and I was there giving myself the time, attention and healing that would surely help me get through the week."


Well + Good

What You Need to Know About The Growing Wellness Social Club Scene

"...The Aerie Collective, whose goal is to...leave you feeling physically and mentally refreshed, regularly hosts events (think sound baths filled with people so casually beautiful, you almost don't want to close your eye) at Brooklyn's chic Wythe Hotel."



Free Williamsburg

Urban Wellness Retreat at The Wythe

"...Together with co-founders and twin sisters Elle and Claire Bourgeois, [Laura] Sniderman aims to reverse the concept of a retreat. "...People often feel as if they must step outside of their lives to feel empowered, connected and alive. But why? This question acted as the spark that ignited our initial Urban Retreat." 

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Your New Night Out; The Rise of Wellness Social Activities

"The [Aerie Collective] trio met at McGill University where, feeling burnt out by their library lives, they would escape to a cabin in Muskoka, Canada. "It was here that we created our own 'mini retreats,' spending our days exploring wellness practices, including dance, meditation, yoga, art, music and nutrition.Every time we left this dreamy cabin, we found ourselves asking why this retreat experience had to be confined to a space outside of daily life." explains Elle Bourgeois.